Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Moment

It has been several weeks since my last post. I would love to report that there has been some life-changing occurrence or a suitable explanation that would excuse me from my seemingly inherited responsibility. Unfortunately, I don’t have one. Life happens. The good thing is that I am happy to report a somewhat uneventful time which will now most like change as I head into a very busy time of year for me personally and professionally.
Ok, back to the business at hand. This is a very happy time of year for many of us. It is a time of giving and reflecting. Unfortunately, it is also a time of excuses and a receipt for failure.  I propose a radical position for us to follow this holiday season. Keep the norm - whatever your norm has become. I challenge you to think for just one second about all of the effort you have made for the entire year – physically, nutritionally and most importantly emotionally. In that second, reflect on the sacrifices you have made and the hurtles you have battled to become what you are now. Why negotiate your progress?
It is not my recommendation not to participate – because anyone that knows me knows I love participation. I just simply want you to think for just one second. It is very interesting that we spend an entire year shaving off seconds – working tirelessly accumulating all those hours, minutes and seconds. The least we can do for ourselves is take that one moment – that one second to think, act, reflect, decide, contemplate, fight - whatever is right for you. I think you are worth that second. ~The Average Joe