Friday, June 17, 2011

The Average Joe's Paleo Challenge

Hello- My name is Joe and I am a foodaholic! It has been 9 whole days since I consumed processed food. This is what I envision when I see request for Paleo Challenges. I see individuals surrounded by like-minded people in a quest to experience and conquer this very similar monster.

I have decided to call a new Paleo Challenge to order. I am constantly being asked questions about proper nutrition and different strategies for general consumption. Plan, execute and follow through. That is my new Paleo Challenge. But the more importantly, I would like to call to arms the purpose of this challenge.

I look around and see many Paleo Challenges being formed. Are these challenges a lack of true understanding on what is involved in healthy eating? I completely understand individuals new to this way of thinking about effective consumption. Furthermore, it is very important to understand what makes up an effective eating strategy. Vin Lindsay, head trainer and nutritional expert at Elm City is an incredible resource to use when you begin your path towards a successful eating plan. Other reliable and great resources to take advantage of include any of the other coaches at Elm City whom are all well versed in the dynamics of paleo eating. One of the best resources you can take advantage of are other member and athletes who have made the decision to make a difference and change the way they think about food, media, propaganda and the tough decisions it takes to make an affirmative change. These are real people who have found real results. For those who don’t know – I give you a pass and I welcome any questions in order to help you towards your nutritional goals.

For the rest of you – for those individuals who have been equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how food affects the human body, I toss this CHALLENGE to you. What does the challenge mean to you? Is the challenge that you need active buy-in or be apart of a group in order for you to make smart food choices? Do you really need monetary buy-in to make you accountable?  Do you lack understanding or are you looking for quick fixes? Do you need a certificate of completing for enrolling in a pseudo Largest Loser program? Do you not have enough conviction and motivation of conquer your inner demons and make smart and effective choices for what you decide to put into your mouth? I feel that this mental bargaining is nothing more than a diet. Diets have a starting point and a finish line. At that finish line there will inevitably be a reward. A reward that will most likely include a bad food choice, which is counter-intuitive to any positive gains you have made.  Life does not reflect this type of mentality. Effective nutrition does not take a back seat to life if you are serious about your health or physical well-being. It really comes down to integrity. Do you have a sense of conviction or do you need the help from others to make proper eating decisions?

My challenge is an individual one and only applies to the individuals who want to participate. A very large portion of our society is very happy simply keeping status quo and consuming large amounts of packaged and processed food. I am not referring to those who are contempt with their choices.

Here is my challenge: take a look at yourself the next time you grab a bagel because you did not have time to go the store and prepare. How about not asking questions about too much fruit in your weekly consumption – when a large part of your weekly consumption consist of beer, nachos and ice cream. My challenge includes taking responsibility for your choices once and for all. I know the types of personalities that surround our community. I witness on a daily basis the kind of conviction and motivation that is displayed. I know the hard-work and determination that lies in us all. Do we really need or require enrollment in a group? No- it requires a hard look in the mirror deciding that you want to change. Plan, execute, learn from your successes, tweak your short-comings and follow-through. This decisive Challenge will work wonders in nutrition as well as other facets of your life. ~The Average Joe

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What at Bargain

Lack of interest… Lack of focus… Or just plain laziness? In my estimation, I say all three. I wrote several months back about how fitness has an identity. In my life, in my particular situation, my fitness has a face. As I said in the blog, I have a responsibility to maintain my focus and attention. Even in the face of strategic and fundamental shifts in sport or fitness, I am liable to uphold my end of the fitness bargain.

Speaking of bargain, I have to keep going back to coaching and the mental bargaining that goes on. I see athletes continuously have fitness gains and success only to be sabotaged by their own demise. The age-old 80-20 rule which is you maintain focus 80% of the time and can have a pass or reward yourself 20% of the time. Unfortunately, this quickly shifts from the 80-20 rule to the 20-80 rule. Much of this has to do with this mentality that we are on a diet – that we deserve a reward for our good behavior. Again, fitness and nutrition are not fads. They are constants! You must constantly be monitored, focused and maintained interest. ~The Average Joe