Friday, January 28, 2011

Where's the Beef?

I read an interesting news article recently about how Taco Bell is being sued for false advertisement about their beef. Come to find out that their beef contains only about 30% actual beef. The rest of the beef contains “particulates and fillers”

The ironic thing in this situation is that the general public looks to these types of eateries as a healthy alternative to burgers and fries. In many cases, this may be worse. Deception, misinformation and smoke and mirrors drive our healthy nutritional theme in this country. Now I am not one of those people who have deeply rooted political views. My point is that we should not walk with the herd. We cannot continue to fall into the corporate trap of eating synthetics. I have to take a page out of Rob Wolf’s train of thought here – human beings have been on this planet for millions of years. It is only since the agricultural age that we began to develop sickness and illnesses.

As the common man with simple standards, I believe in simplicity. Food quality is the main ingredient in changing your body and healthy living. For anyone who knows me, when anyone asks about how they can loose weight. My first response would be to move your butt and go simple on your eating. I call it the phase one scenario: cut out all breads, chips and any synthetic foods – food products that are not produced naturally in nature.

These are the basis for the theme and programming we prescribe to at Elm City. Every individual that comes in the door must have a goal. The goal can be as simple as looking better naked in the mirror – others can be training for a particular event. The point is that every single person on this planet has the ability to change if you want. The biggest thing is you have to want to change. The rest are mere details. ~The Average Joe

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fear Factor

On my ride to work the other morning, I had an opportunity to reflect on my current training. I am currently training for a 100k trail race that will take place in New Jersey this March. I have the honor of training with a client and friend from Elm City Crossfit whom I ran my last event with. This will be a step up for Mike in distance and I have no doubt he will be great. That is truly the point, as a matter of fact -normal, everyday people setting goals, making a plan and executing their training. It is not only motivational but inspiring to workout with Mike. I need you more than you need me – thanks buddy.

So that got me thinking- what is more motivating when training for an event? Is it the fear of suffering or failure or the sense of accomplishment upon completion? What motivates you? I know the deciding factor for me- Both! I make deposits into the pain bank in the hopes that come race day I can make my withdrawals without fear of running short. I also do events to prove to myself that I am different. I can plan and execute different types of activities that make me different- signature or identification measures that make me feel alive. I have no desire to be the norm. How about you? ~ The Average Joe

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friends to the End

My training and nutrition has a face. It has a body. It has a presence. I consider him my friend. One who relies and counts on me. We have a continual relationship. And just like any other relationship, it requires compromise, attention and most of all commitment. He knows my every nuance. He knows my short-comings, my motivations, my failures, and my success. He knows my deepest and darkest secrets. He requires balance and motivation. He is a true friend in every since of the word. He gets me and the only requirement in return, that I respect him and make sure that he stays a part of my life.

I will never turn my back on him. There was a time where I did turn a blind eye to him. The funny thing is – he never complained. He never made mention about what I was doing to my body without him. He did not nag me that every day that passed; I did not only neglect him, but negotiated our future. Something happened. I began to realize that this relationship was important to me. It may not be a first priority in my life, but it is a priority. I have come to know and love my friend. We have explored many new obstacles and have seen an entirely new side of not only me but my family, my surroundings and he has opened me up to a more fruitful and joyous world. I will forever be indebted to my friend and try and live up to his expectations. ~ The Average Joe

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'd Rather be a Blue Collar Man

I’d Rather Be a Blue Collar Man

There is a very funny thing about fitness and training that I see all the time. People have a tendency to think of it like a diet – a fad. It has a starting point - in some cases a goal and then no plans of continuation. No systems in place for continued success. Proper nutrition and healthy living has no ending point – it is a position. It is a cognitive and decisive stance to change. Once the mindset is changed – the body will follow. 

So I was talking with one of my athletes about her upcoming training schedule. She was telling me a story of another trainer at another facility trying to convince her that she should train with him. His approach was that she had the “right” build and fit to become a good athlete. He then spoke about proper shoes to make her faster, better clothing to make her efficient and a new bike that would determine her future success. I share this story for the simple reason that fitness is not bought from a catalog. It has nothing to do with equipment. It has nothing to do with aesthetics. Fitness is earned not bought.

For those individuals who shop at LuLu Lemon to prepare yourself for fitness or the ones who have to have a pair of Newton running shoes in order to run – I will give you a hint. Stop worrying about what you look like if you want to change what you look like. It is all about positive choices and moving your body. So stop making stupid excuses – GRAB THE HANDLE AND DO WORK ~ The Average Joe

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Time is it?

Is it your time?

Is it your time to commit? Is it your time to re-focus? Is it your time to formalize your goals? Regardless of your current situation, change is inevitable and in most cases good. No matter the scale or degree, deciding that now is my chance – that now is my time will change my life. Personal inventory – I call it. Turning the camera back towards you and saying – what’s next. This kind of awareness make our journey better focused and will give you a greater appreciation for success. Life is the ultimate endurance sport. We are always training, changing and enduring. Is it my time to…. ~The Average Joe

Friday, January 7, 2011

Successful Workout or Waste of Time

Successful Workout?
What makes a successful workout? Is a successful workout doing things you are good at? Is it crushing your old score, time or weight? Is it perfect workout condition and you are feeling great? Or is it having all the cards in the world stacked against you? Is it your goat? Is it one that you got nervous for? Think about the last time you were in this predicament – it is hot, you are still sore from the other day and you are about to do something that is going to suck. Put your head down – step off the proverbial ledge and come out of the gate with the same confidence, fire and motivation you would if it were an easy one…. I think these are ones you work harder for… the ones that keep you up at night… the ones that make you step completely out of your comfort zone… the ones that have you questioning – what am I dong here! These are the ones that stick with you. These are the ones that affirm that you are making a difference. These are the ones that define who you are and what are your intentions. These are the ones that make us winners regardless of weight, time or score. Did you quit? Did you stand over this movement, this obstacle or this workout and say bring it on? Did you pick yourself off the floor – still gasping for air, barely lucid – mentally spent and say to yourself with a little smirk on your face – I did it! That’s what makes a successful workout. ~ The Average Joe

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Are you satisfied?
In order to be satisfied or unsatisfied, you have to have some level of expectation. Expectations do not have to complicated or grand but they should be obtainable, quantifiable and realistic. Regardless if you are a member of a gym or a teammate on a team – you are an individual and life on many levels is an individual sport. Collaboration and team work builds success and friendly competition is great – but at the end of the day you compete with yourself - against yourself and for yourself. You have to answer to that voice who always questions your drive, your motivation and your true intentions. You have to satisfy that voice – those questions. You have to satisfy you. Your coaches, your mentors and your teammates are simply on-lookers, fans and spectators towards your successes, your failures, your fight and your accomplishment. No matter the outcome – No matter the result – No matter the journey – large and small – Are you satisfied? ~ The Average Joe

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Tuesday Morning Endurance - Hill Repeats
Do we strive for physical, mental social or community acceptance? Are we successful if we reach partial acceptance? Can I be happy with social acceptance without a sense of personal acceptance?

Physical appearance, social status and presence will not grant you acceptance. Hard work, honesty and being true to yourself will give you success, acceptance and above all character. Character is your sure-fire way towards acceptance in our community -Your ability to stare your fear directly in the eye and step out of your comfort zone. We have a primal front row seat each and everyday to witness individuals swallow sadness, celebrate success and become healthier, happier, more functioning human beings, athletes, spouses, parents, sisters, brothers, students and contributing members to our awesome community. ~ The Average Joe

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to the Average Joe

Dubbed as “The Average Joe,” I was once a beer-drinking, cigarette smoking 310 pound guy. Through running and exercise I lost over 118 pounds in just under a year. Genuinely believing in the fight of the human spirit, I am an under dog by nature and can’t help myself in living life and leaving no obstacle untested. I use this same energy and desire towards sound training and smart decisions. Being a husband to a crossfitting wife and a father to three beautiful little girls, I find it a breath of fresh air knowing that a healthy lifestyle is a very important lesson and is neither elusive nor exclusive. Crossfit has brought a new understanding of fitness and wellness to our community. I welcome anyone interested who is an underdog to test your limits and come out victorious.

This blog will be used by the Average Joe for the Average Joe as an outlet of information, discussion board and a genenal insight to how to step out of your comfort zone and acheive greatness no matter your current status. I am nervous and excited to help anyone willing to fight for your goals. So here we go....